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VW150B Workbench Vice - 6in (149mm)

Ref: FAIVW150B

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A useful lightweight work bench vice ideal for the home handyman and the more serious woodworker. The vice has a 150mm (6in) width jaw with a clamping capacity of up to 145mm (5 3/4in).

Manufactured from high quality grey iron castings that are machined to close tolerances to ensure a smoothly operating sliding jaw. The main screws Acme thread provides a rapid jaw action and features a toe in function to ensure an even pressure is applied when a work piece is clamped. Wooden jaws may also be fitted to protect the work piece and the vice.
The vice is finished in an attractive Blue enamel coating with a chrome plated main screw and handle to provide better corrosion resistance,

Jaw width: 150mm (6in)
Clamping capacity: 145mm (5 3/4in)
Throat depth: 60mm (2in)
Tommy bar length: 125mm (5in)
Weight: 2.27Kg (5lbs)