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M.A.X.-Power Car Wash Shampoo 4 litre

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M.A.X.-Power Car Wash Shampoo is the only car shampoo with 3 levels of cleaning power: MODERATE, AGGRESSIVE and XTREME. The more you pour into your wash bucket, the stronger the cleaning power.

The shampoo's super-foaming, fragrance infused polymers can safely lift the toughest stains.

MODERATE cleaning: 100ml per 4 litre bucket for a pH-neutral dilution that removes everyday dirt and grime.

AGGRESSIVE cleaning: 200ml per 4 litre bucket to increase the pH-level to remove bug splatter, heavy dirt and salt stains.

XTREME cleaning: 300ml per 4 litre bucket for the pH-cleaning power to safely remove tree sap. Great for removing brake dust from wheels.
1 x Turtle Wax M.A.X.-Power Car Wash Shampoo 4 litre