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Industrial Dehumidifier 30 litre

Ref: FPPDH240V30L

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The Faithfull Industrial Dehumidifier removes excess moisture from humid air to limit mould, mildew and condensation. This powerful unit can extract up to 30 litres of water per day to create a healthier environment.

Easy to operate touch pad with an LCD screen which displays temperature and humidity and indicates when the tank is full. A 24 hour timer function allows automatic start and stop times to be set. An automatic defrost function will activate if the room temperature drops too low.

The unit will automatically shut off when the 7 litre tank is full. An optional continuous drainage function can direct water to a drain or suitable receptacle with the 1m pipe provided. It has a durable metal housing and heavy-duty wheels for easy manoeuvrability.


Power: AC 220-240V/50Hz.
Humidity Extraction: 30L/D (27°C RH60%).
Water Tank Capacity: 7.0 litre.
Air Volume: 300 m3/h.
Working Space: 50-100m³.
Max. Suction Pressure: 1.0Mpa.
Max. Discharge Pressure: 2.5Mpa.
Working Temperature: 5-35°.
Refrigerant: R920.
Sound Level: 56dB.
Product Size: 440 x 336 x 850mm.