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Wasp Trap (Twin Pack)

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Ref: RKLFW32

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The Rentokil Wasp Trap is a discreet, poison-free trap for attracting and killing wasps in the home and garden. The Wasp Traps are reusable plastic traps, which are easy to put together and are eco-friendly. They are a non-toxic product, meaning that they are safer for children and pets.

How to use:

Simply fill with sweet liquid, beer or other juice, and hang or place a safe distance from human activity away from the house.
Wasps will be attracted to this and die inside the trap.

Where to use:

This product is intended for use in and around the home and garden. Ideal for gardens, patios, BBQs and picnics. Always read the label before use.

Supplied as a pack of 2.