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BR01 1/2in 50mm Kitchen Worktop Cutter Display (30 Cutters)


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The Trend Kitchen Worktop Cutter Display contains:

30 x BR01 1/2in 50mm Kitchen Worktop Cutters. 

Ideal for general purpose trimming & mortising. For use with Trend Worktop Jigs for cutting worktop joints, bolt recesses and sink/hob apertures in laminated chipboard and solid timber.

Tungsten Carbide tipped 1.5mm micro-granular tips provide long cutter life. The ground tip face has been polished to 400-grit ensures accurate cutting. It also features ground bottom clearance for optimum waste removal.

Safety K-Mark indicates the correct cutter shank position for maximum collet grip to prevent accidental cutter ejection. EN Shank Markings are etched on the shank for easily readable cutter and safety information.