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B-33685 Specialized Blade for Fibre Cement Board 165 x 20mm x 4T

Ref: MAKB33685

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Makita Specialized Blade for cutting fibre cement board including Hardie board, Marley weatherboard and compressed concrete, one of the fastest-growing, environmentally friendly materials in the construction industry.

Polycrystalline diamond tipped teeth provide increased durability and longer life. Smoother, cleaner and more accurate cutting. Delivers outstanding performance results when compared to a TCT blade or Diamond Continuous blade.

One Makita B-33685 Specialized Blade for Fibre Cement Board.


Blade Diameter: 165mm.
Bore: 20mm.
Kerf: 2.3mm.
Rake: 12º.
Thickness: 1.6mm.
Tooth Count: 4.