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Multi-Tool Tiling Kit, 4 Piece


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The Faithfull Multi-Tool Tiling Kit contains a selection of blades for tiling applications including cutting, grinding and scraping, allowing your multi-function tool to help carry out many more projects around the home and workshop. Compatible with many multi-function oscillating power tools. Contains the following:

1 x Carbide Grit Radial Saw Blade 65mm

For routing joints on wall and floor tiles, small cut outs in soft tiles, routing grooves in soft porous concrete.

1 x Carbide Grit Rasp 80mm

For removing mortar, tile or carpet adhesive. Rough grinding of filler, tile adhesive, concrete and wood.

1 x Carbide Grit Boot Saw Blade 57mm

For removing tough grout from between tiled surfaces. Its efficient shape allows aggressive grinding without damaging the tile.

1 x Rigid Scraper 52 x 26mm

For removing mortar, tile or hard carpet adhesive.