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M18 ONESX-0 Fuel™ ONE-KEY™ SAWZALL™ 18V Bare Unit


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The Milwaukee M18 ONESX Fuel™ ONE-KEY™ SAWZALL™ connects via Bluetooth™ with the Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ app. Allows for complete tool customisation, allowing you to tune the tool to your needs. Configure to any application choosing optimum tool settings for repeatable precision. ONE-KEY™ app also provides inventory function for total management of your complete tool/equipment fleet.

Create up to 4 custom cut controls for advanced control over cutting speeds, this also provides longer blade life and easier cutting in a wide range of materials. Adjustable soft start provides more accurate cut-starts in various materials, minimising blade chatter and assisting in cleaner faster cuts.

The plunge cut function allows the blade to penetrate the material at a slower speed and then automatically ramp to full speed, sensing an increase in force from the user. For added user safety, the automatic brake allows the saw to stop the blade after it breaks through a material preventing accidental cuts in adjacent materials.


Strokes at No Load: 0-3,000/min.
Stroke Length: 28.6mm
Capacity: Wood 300mm, Non Ferrous Metal: 25mm, Metal Pipe 150mm