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USB-C POWERSTACK™ Starter Kit 18V 2 x 5.0Ah Li-ion

Ref: DEWDCB094H2

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The DEWALT USB-C POWERSTACK™ Starter Kit contains the following;

1 x DCB094K USB Power Delivery Charging Kit.

The DEWALT DCB094K USB Power Delivery Charging Kit charges all DEWALT 18V XR and FlexVolt batteries. It has a USB-C port and output power to charge your other personal devices up to 100W. There is also a USB-A port acting as an adaptor, allowing you to charge devices up to 12W using traditional USB cords. Fitted with a belt hook for on-the-go stowing.

Includes 1 x 100W USB Cord and 1 x 65W Plug.

2 x DCBP518 POWERSTACK™ Slide Batteries 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion.

The DEWALT XR POWERSTACK™ Slide Battery features stacked pouch cell battery technology providing a low impedance construction, the rate of flow of electrons is much higher thanks to the innovative internal pouch battery connectors, and electrodes.
The XR Slide Battery provides a greater surface area versus a traditional cylindrical battery cell type, and it also benefits from superior thermal performance, versus cylindrical batteries. This increases battery durability, and improves the cycle life and results.
Works with the complete line of 18V XR tools and chargers, bringing a new lease of life and power to existing power tools.