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EY3641LS1S31 Sealant Gun 600ml 14.4V 1 x 4.2Ah Li-ion

Ref: PAN3641LS1

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The Panasonic EY3641LS1S31 Sealant Gun provides efficient and comfortable working, thanks to a 360° turnable aluminium tube. Its powerful motor provides high pushing pressure and a high flow rate. Specifically designed for long operating time and efficient application of large volumes of sealing material.

Suitable for plumbing, glass installation, fireproofing, sealing applications, automotive and glasswork.

Supplied with:

1 x 14.4V 4.2Ah Li-ion Battery
1 x EY0L82B Charger
1 x Case


Capacity: 600ml
Pushing Force: 4,410N (450kgf)
Charging Time (Usable/Full): 50/60min.
Weight: 2.8kg (with battery)