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HD 5/11 P Professional Pressure Washer 160 Bar 240 Volt

Ref: KARHD511P

£388.75 excl. VAT £466.50 inc. VAT
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The Karcher HD 5/11 P Professional Pressure Washer offers professional quality and performance in a truly portable package. Thanks to its compact dimensions, light weight, and built-in carry handle, the HD 5/11 P is incredibly easy to transport even up steps or ladders.

The machine features: automatic pressure relief feature to protect internal components on start-up, the Easy Press trigger gun with rotating lance, and high-grade hose and power cable. All of its professional-grade accessories are stored on-board, providing easy access and helping to prevent trip hazards.

This tough, simple machine can be operated in a vertical or horizontal position, making it safer for use at height or on uneven ground.

Supplied with:

1 x Easy-Press Trigger Gun.
1 x Soft Grip Trigger Gun.
1 x 10m High Pressure Hose.
1 x 850m Spray Lance.


Max Pressure: 160 bar.
Flow Rate: 490l/h.
Motor: 2,200 Watt.
Max Water Feed Temperature: 60°C.
Hose Length: 10m.
Weight: 20.5kg.