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SP7 Submersible Dirty Water Pump 750W 240V


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The Kärcher SP7 Submersible Dirty Water Pump is the most powerful pump in the range. Suitable for clearing flooded water or providing a simple solution to emptying a pond or swimming pool. The pump has a metal casing that provides additional durability.

The ability to pump 15,000 litres of water an hour offers you a rapid response to any situation you may find yourself needing a pump. This is a particularly important feature when faced with a disaster such as flooding.

The SP7 has a level sensor, which uses an electrical current between 2 electrodes to activate the pump. This can be height adjusted to the level you wish to pump down to. There is also a switch at the top of the pump, that you can manually turn on, to pump out the last of the water. The built-in pre-filter helps to protect the pump from coarse dirt, helping to prolong the life of the pump. It is designed to handle dirt particles up to 30mm in diameter.


Input Power: 750W
Max. Delivery Capacity: 15,500 L/hr.
Immersion Depth: 7m
Max. Particle Size: 30mm
Max. Water Temp: 35°C
Connecting Thread: G1 1/2
Power Cord: 10m
Weight: 6.7kg