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EY37C3B Cordless LED Floodlight 14.4/18/21.6V Bare Unit

Ref: PAN37C3B32R

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The Panasonic EY37C3 Cordless LED Floodlight is compatible with 14.4, 18 and 21.6V Panasonic batteries. It has a compact, lightweight design offering wide peripheral lighting. The dual panel design allows you to direct the light to where you need it. The handle has a built-in hook that prevents the unit from failing when suspended overhead.

Comes as a Bare Unit, No Battery or Charger.


Voltage: 14.4/18/21.6V.
Lumens: 1,500.
Size (LxHxW): 125 x 312 x 96mm.
Weight: 610g.