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ASA 30 H PC All-Purpose Vacuum with Power Tool Take Off 30 litre 1200W 240V


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The Metabo ASA 30 H PC All-Purpose Vacuum is built for liquids and dry solids with commercial registration. Integrated PressClean filter cleaning allows for versatile application. Manually clean the filter using strong air flow by activating the switch on the extraction unit during breaks.

Ideal for mobile use due to low weight and compact construction. It can also be used as an extractor for power tools and to clean construction sites, workshops etc. Fitted with a power socket for a power tool use. The vacuum will automatically start/shut down when attached to a power tool.

Certified in accordance with EU standard for H class dust. For added safety there is a suction stop when vacuuming liquids, once the maximum fill level is reached the vacuum automatically turns off. An automatic trailing mechanism empties the suction hose completely. There is also a warning signal on shortfall of the minimum volume flow to protect the user.

Easy transport thanks to cable and hose bracket as well as a case for pipes and nozzles. You can also attach metaBOXes to the vacuum cleaner for easy change of location.

Supplied with:

1 x Quick Antistatic Suction Hose (Ø 32mm, 4m).
1 x Quick Coupling Bush Ø 28/35mm.
1 x Quick Coupling Bush Ø 40/45mm.
1 x Quick Premium Handle Adaptor.
3 x Chrome-plated Suction Tubes.
1 x Special Filter Bag for H-class
1 x Crevice Nozzle.
1 x Floor Nozzle (360mm wide).
1 x Suction Nozzle (120mm wide).
1 x Brush Nozzle.
1 x PE Disposal Bag.


Voltage: 240V.
Input Power: 1,200W.
Capacity: Wet/Dry: 30 litres.
Max. Air Flow: 4,200 L/min.
Filter Surface: 5000cm².
Suction Hose Diameter: 32mm.
Hose Length: 4m.
Cable Length: 8m.
Weight: 10.8kg.