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VCE 35 M AC Safety Vacuum Cleaner 1030 Watt 110 Volt


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The Flex Power Tools VCE 35 M AC Safety Vacuum Cleaner is fitted with a high-performance turbine that ensures both a higher suction capacity and a high vacuum. The container capacity can be optimally used for dust and dirt, thanks to its flat-fold filter design. Suitable for wet vacuuming with an automatic switch on/off and an appliance socket.

Flow sensor technology monitors the volume metric flow and any dropping of the suction capacity under the prescribed minimum figure is reported by an acoustic signal. Equipped with large wheels and two swivel guide rollers. Scope for tool storage on top of vacuum cleaner and accessories depot for suction nozzles and tubes at the back.

Class M safety vacuum cleaner, suitable for all dust with OEL values ≥ 0.1 mg/m˙. Specifically for mineral and timber dust (also beech and oak).

Supplied with: 1 x Antistatic Suction Hose with Clip Connection Ø 32mm x 4m, 1 x Flat-Fold Filter PES Class M, 1 x Filter Bag and 1 x PP Waste Disposal Bag.


Input Power: 1,030 Watt.
Max Volume Flow: 1,900 l/min.
Max Vacuum: 20,500 Pa.
Filter Surface: 6,150cm².
Container Volume: 34 Litres.
Capacity Liquid: 19 Litres.
Power Take Off: 850 Watt.
Size (W x L x H): 520 x 380 x 580mm.
Weight: 12.5kg.

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