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CarryMore 55x2 Storage System

Ref: RAA146395

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The Raaco CarryMore 55x2 Storage System consists of the CarryMore 55 black, with 2 CarryLite 55 4x8-16 Assorters. Equipped with ergonomic handle and connecting lock-mechanism to link together several units. Retainers stop the CarryLite boxes from falling out during transportation. Made of polypropylene and copolymer (PP and CO).

Each CarryLite 55 4x8-16 Assorter includes 16 inserts: 2 x A7-1, 4 x A8-1, 2 x A8-2 and 8 x A9-1.


Max. Load: 25kg
Dimensions (DxWxH): 278 x 386 x 195mm
Weight: 3.6kg